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Support of Local Community and Links

Community Interactions

Fareham and District Society of Model Engineers (FDSME) supports the local community by holding closed events for charities, schools and other volunteer organisations. We are pleased to be able to host these on a complimentary basis. However, as these events are for individual local organisations, they have to be closed to the general public.

Through these community closed events, each year many hundreds of local children and adults are able to enjoy the facilities on our site. Some schools have even designed topics in their curriculum to be centered around their visit to us.

As previously mentioned, these community closed events are complimentarily hosted by FDSME. We see them as an opportunity to "give-back" to the local organisations that do so much good for all of us in this area of Hampshire.

It is the proceeds from our few open events each year, like the Steam Railway Weekend at the end of July, that provides FDSME with the ability to maintain and extend our site facilities. Without the support of these open events by the general public, we would not be able to host all the community closed events throughout the year.

Links to other local Model Engineering clubs

The Fareham and District Society of Model Engineers (FDSME) Steam Railway Weekend is one of the few times we can open to the general public. Due to a condition of the planning consent for our Clubhouse, we are restricted to only a few days each year when the general public can attend one of our events.

After you have enjoyed our Steam Railway Weekend, or one of our other open events, you might not want to wait until our next one. So you could visit one of the other local model engineering clubs (all links open in a new window/tab):